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PROFIBUS is a serial classic field bus and PROFINET is an industrial Ethernet protocol. PROFINET and PROFIBUS are both IEC standards Created by the same organization. PROFINE and PROFIBUS INTERNATIONAL PROFINET AND PROFIBUS share same similarities, because of their common source.

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PROFIBUS networkings are generally characterized by purple single-pair RS-485 cabling. And those cables use the standard DB9 or M12 connectors. PROFINET networks, on the other hand, typically use green industrially graded Ethernet cables. For PROFINET networks, the most common connector type is RJ45, but M12 connectors are also used in high exposure environments and BFOCs for fibre optic applications.


PROFIBUS is based on RS-485, which is a common serial communication method. In a PROFIBUS network, you have PROFIBUS masters and PROFIBUS slaves. The master can be, for example, a PLC, PAC, or DCS. The slaves can be a wide array of devices: drives, motors, IOs, sensors, field devices, robots, actuators, and more. PROFIBUS has two flavours: PROFIBUS Decentralised Peripherals (DP) and PROFIBUS Process Automation (PA). The general principle of PROFIBUS is collecting multiple inputs and outputs from the field into a local IO device, and then transferring the data through just one cable to the master. This approach saves costs by the omission of additional hardware and cabling. Also, it saves engineering time as it streamlines network installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. The graph below illustrates the PROFIBUS DP concept. Also, it includes a PROFIBUS PA section for hazardous environments.



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we are barcode scanner dealers. POCKET BARCODE SCANNER | DATALOGIC RIDA DBT 6400 2D BLUE TOOTH | Pocket Scanner Zebra CS4070, A barcode scanner is also known as a barcode reader is an electronic device OR equipment that decodes and automatically captures data’s coded in barcodes. It consists of the following technological components, which accurately work together to capture data’s contained in a printed barcode.

  • Light source – Illuminates the barcode for proper reading
  • Lens – Scans the barcode image
  • Photo conductor – Translates optical impulses into electrical ones.barcode scanner
  • Decoder – Decodes and Analyzes the data and sends the matter to the scanner’s output port, a decoder can be internal or external
  • Scan Engines - There are three primary barcode scaner engines, which decode or read a barcode
  • Laser – Uses a laser light source to read linear or one-dimensional (1D) barcodes scanner
  • Linear Imager – Reads/Scans linear barcodes by capturing an image of the barcode scanner
  • 2D Area Imager – Reads/Scans linear and 2D barcodes by capturing an image of the 2D barcode scanner

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A barcode printer, Direct thermal printer or thermal transfer printer is a device designed to print barcodes, logos, signs and human readable text’s on labels ; labels can be pasted in any kind of packing materials. Barcode otherwise known as Thermal Transfer Printers which has two types of technologies either direct thermal or thermal transfer technologies to apply ink to labels. Thermal transfer printers use wax, wax resin or pure resin ribbons to transfer image to the barcode directly into the label, while thermal transfer printers use thermal energy (heat energy) to blacken the barcode onto the label.

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  • barcode Billing Receipt Printers
  • Barcode Ticket Printers
  • Barcode Wireless/Blue tooth printers
  • barcode Print Engines (for Kiosk Applications)
  • Desk Top Printers (Entry Level)
  • Table Top Printers (Medium Duty Industrial Class Printers)
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Class Printers
  • Tsc barcode printer dealers, tsc ttp-247 barcode printers, tsc ttp-244 pro desktop barcode printers, tsc ttp-244ce barcode printer, tsc tx200 barcode printer
  • Zebra GC420 Barcode Printers
  • Zebra GX430 Thermal Desktop Printers.
  • Zebra ZD620 Desktop Printer.
  • TSC 244 Pro Barcode Printer Brand TSC, Connectivity Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, Wifi, Printing Capacity (Labels per hour) 0-50, 200-300, 50-100, 100-200, 300-400, 400, Automation Grade Automatic, Software Requirement Windows-7, Windows-10, Windows-Xp, Style Black and White, Color, Type Portable, Thermal Printers, Interface Type D-Sub, IEEE 1394, Infrared, Automatic Yes ,Wireless Yes
  • TSC 244 Plus Barcode Printer is and low-priced printers It is commanding processor and an impressive memory. it is its two year warranty Its printing speed is fast and within its small shell resides a double motor. It has a memory of 4MB flash, extendable to 8MB with SDRAM. Features: 200 MHz 32-bit RISC processor with 8 MB SDRAM, 4 MB Flash memory. Internally Scalable True Type fonts. TSPL-EZ™ firmware emulates Eltron® and Zebra® languages out of the box. Dual-motor gear driven design. 300 meter ribbon supply on a 1" core (coated side out). 4.3" OD internal media supply, optional external media un-winder supporting 8" OD. Label rolls on 3" cores. 4" per second print speed. USB 2.0 & RS-232C interfaces.

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ID card printers are almost the size of Desk top Ink jet printers or Narrow desk top computer CPU’s. These card printers are only used for printing PVC ID cards only. However the printing technology used in these printer are different when compared to desk top inkjet printers. While ink jet printer has a paper tray and ink cartridges, an ID card printer has an card input slot and card output slot/tray as well as the ink carried on ribbon.

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As all of us are aware a label/sticker is used for pasting on different types of products, packing’s with different signs like caution signs, fragile signs etc., Premier idea of labelling is to calculate/ understand what is the content in the packing ie; Manufacturer name, Marketed by companies name, Item code, ingredients, mfg date, Sl no. Batch code, Lot no, Quantity, Weight, expiry date, mfr location code. Labels comes in different shapes, types, sizes, qualities, packing’s (Roll form/ Fan Fold).

NORMAL CHROMO LABELS BANUAFCTURE / DIRECT THERMAL LABELS MANUFACTURE / TRANSPARENT LABELS MANUFACTURE / JEWELLERY TAGS MANUFACTURE/BARCODE LABELS MANUFACTURE / WRIST BAND LABELS MANUFACTURE / PREPRINTED LABELS MANUFACTURE / MIRROR COAT LABELS MANUFACTURE / TOP COATED LABELS MANUFACTURE / POLYESTER LABELS MANUFACTURE / VINYL LABELS MANUFACTURE / Destructive labels manufacture/ barcode label manufacture/ label manufacture /label tag , printed label tag manufacture, barcode tag & label manufacture, printed stickers, sticker service ,die cut label, shopin label, barcode sticker , product label manufacture , adhesive label, adhesive die cut label, fmcg label manufacture , customized label manufacture, garment label, warranty void label manufacture , and more

There are three types of thermal transfer ribbons, and each ribbon suits a certain type of label face stock material to provide users to get best quality print image.

  • Wax ribbons manufacture
  • Wax-resin ribbons manufacture
  • Resin ribbons manufacture

These ribbons are used for making long-lasting labels. The difference is only in the material used, and what conditions they can withstand. Wax ribbons are commonly used for normal chromo paper labels, matte or semi-gloss. These labels can last long, but they have to remain dry. Also, they are not resistant to abrasion, oils, chemicals, or anything that could dissolve the wax image. Wax ribbon is the most-cost effective option for thermal transfer printers. Wax-resin ribbons are used for very fine, smooth papers, coated paper labels (semi-gloss or gloss) or synthetic stocks. The printed images are fine, but more durable than images printed using wax ribbons. However, they also should not be exposed to moisture. Wax-resin ribbons are less expensive than resin ribbons, but more costly than wax. Resin ribbons are used for printing on polyester, synthetic, plastic and hard film labels for indelible print image. These include polyester, vinyl and polypropylene, which are very durable materials. The resin ribbon ink is designed to slightly dissolve into the face stock which adds strength to the label. Depending on the resin ribbon and label material, these labels withstands exposure to sunlight, chemicals, oils, harsh weather, water, smudging etc. They are often used for labelling automobile and aircraft parts, hazardous chemicals, etc. Again, it is important to specify what kind of elements the label will be exposed to, in order to choose the right combination of resin ribbon and label face stock.

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Barcode Printer Head

The printer head in your printer is a part which transfers the ink. This is the engine of a printer and powered with an integrated stepper motor. In an inkjet/bubble jet printer small nozzles within the spray ink in quick succession onto a piece of paper, printing text, or an image. There are two main types of printer heads used by manufacturers; thermal and piezo. How ink is dispersed and moved into the printer head is what separates a thermal printer head from a piezo.

Barcode Printer Platen Roller

A platen roller is a stationary rubber roller fixed under the thermal printer head which serves which serves as a multi functional part during the thermal printing process. A tiny motor helps the roller to swing into action.

Barcode Printer Spindle & Accessories

In desk top printers ribbon holder is called ribbon spool or spindle and in Industrial class printer it is known as ribbon supply hub and ribbon take up hub. In case of ribbon supply spindle releases the fresh roll of ribbons which are fed through the printer head for printing and take up spindle rolls the used ribbons.

Barcode Printer Peeler

To keep in pace with hand labelling process by adding a peel and present label peeler to select any printer. Industrial Printer models to help increase your work quality efficiency and load carrying capacity. The printer’s label peeler separates the label from the liner/silicon backing paper during the printing process and presents the peeled label, making it fast and simple to grab the label and apply. The liner rewinds inside the printer to keep the workspace clean and support worker safety.

Barcode Printer Ribbon Sensor

The thermal transfer ribbon sensor is an vital component of a printer. This sensor senses the ribbon status and indicates user about the status. The ribbon senses the edge of the ribbon indicating feature to alert the user.

Barcode Printer Mother Board / Logic Board

If you take a closer look little closer, you may not find any major difference between these circuit boards and motherboards. It is just another name given to the motherboard by Apple in the early 80s. The only tiny difference you may find is that this circuit board is usually considered Macintosh while the motherboard can be a Mac or any other computer device. However, you may find certain specifications that can only be found in Apple computers.

Barcode Printer Media Sensor

The product adjusts the print position precisely by detecting I-marks or gaps on the media (label) using media sensors. Not all the thermal transfer printers use ribbon sensors. Some printers use end of core indicator and some use edge of ribbon indicator. Both the sensors have almost same functions to find out the end of roll. Finding out the end of ribbon roll is crucial before it reaches the thermal printer head to protect the head.


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