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Direct thermal labels.

Direct thermal labels are a type of label used in direct thermal printing. Unlike thermal transfer printing, direct thermal printing does not require a ribbon or ink. Instead, it utilizes heat-sensitive paper or synthetic materials that darken when exposed to heat. Direct thermal labels are widely used in applications such as shipping labels, product labeling, barcode labels, retail tags, tickets, and more. They offer simplicity and cost-effectiveness since there is no need for additional supplies like ribbons. Here are some key features and considerations regarding direct thermal labels:

Heat Sensitivity: Direct thermal labels have a heat-sensitive coating that reacts to the heat generated by the print head in the printer. This coating turns dark when exposed to the heat, creating the desired image or text

Image Durability: Direct thermal labels are sensitive to environmental factors such as heat, light, moisture, and contact. The printed images may fade over time or when exposed to adverse conditions. Therefore, they are suitable for applications where the label lifespan is relatively short or where durability is not a primary concern.

Label Material: Direct thermal labels are available in various materials, including paper and synthetic materials like polypropylene or polyester. The choice of material depends on the application requirements such as durability, resistance to water or chemicals, and tear resistance.

Adhesive Options: Direct thermal labels come with different adhesive options, including permanent, removable, or freezer-grade adhesives. The adhesive type should be selected based on the intended use of the labels and the surface they will be applied to.

Label Sizes and Formats: Direct thermal labels are available in a wide range of sizes and formats to accommodate different printing needs. Common label formats include roll labels, fanfold labels, and sheet labels. When purchasing direct thermal labels, it's important to ensure compatibility with your specific direct thermal printer model. Some printers have specific requirements regarding label size, core size (for roll labels), and other specifications. It's recommended to source direct thermal labels from reputable suppliers who can provide quality labels that meet your application requirements. They can guide you in selecting the right label material, adhesive, and size options based on your needs.